Dr. Andrew Brown started the practice in March 1991 with the aim of building a dentistry clinic for those people who would value our service for the quality it adds to their lives.

Our ultimate aim is to help you achieve a healthy, comfortable mouth, a strong, stable bite and a confident, radiant smile for life.

We believe that Prevention is always Better than Cure.

Fundamental to our dental care is based around a very comprehensive examination and individual treatment planning tailored to specific needs. Modern dentistry is becoming increasingly sophisticated with knowledge, skills and technology developing all the time. It is essential that you, the patient, are fully informed and understand what is going on that you can participate in the decision making process. We use the examination and planning stages to help you learn about your current oral health and whether there is treatment that might be beneficial to you now and/or in the future. This includes developing preventive and homecare strategies with you, and, if appropriate, more advanced restorative procedures, such as rebuilding the bite following those years of repeatedly fillings and/or tooth loss. We can only undertake these major procedures when we are sure that your preventive measures are satisfactory.

We also have a special interest in TMD (Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction).

Ours is a fully private practice offering fee-for-service dentistry. Being a small practice, we encourage and appreciate recommendations from those who value the quality of our service.

To request a consultation with Dr. Andrew Brown, please call 01822 617788 or click here to email us online now.